Configure HP Blade iLO with SSH for DHCP in HP C7000 Enclosure

Configure HP Blade iLO with SSH for DHCP in HP C7000 Enclosure

Nov 4, 2011

Currently I’m configuring HP BL460c blades for VMware ESX in HP C7000 Enclosures. Recently we’ve moved some available BL460 G6 blades from our old data center to our new remote data center. The iLO in one of the blades was configured with a static IP address . We currently use EBIPA (Enclosure Bay IP Addressing) in our HP C7000 enclosures and therefor I was unable to connect to the iLO of this blade from the Onboard Administrator GUI. Because our new data center is remote (more than 200 kilometers away) I had to find a way to configure iLO in this blade for EBIPA and to be able to connect to the blade with Onboard Administrator.

    • Use a SSH Client like PuTTY
    • Connect to your Onboard Administrator IP address with SSH
    • Login with your Onboard Administrator’s username and password
    • Connect to the blade with the following command
      connect server
    • Use the enclosure bay number for the blade you want to connect to. (in my example bay number 1)
      connect server 1
    • Enable DHCP in the iLO configuration with the following command:
      set /map1/dhcpendpt1 enabledstate=yes
    • The settings are applied and iLO will reset. After the reset iLO will receive a new EBIPA IP address from the Onboard Administrator.

The following screenshot shows the steps described above.

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